About Ebon Phoenix

Ebon Phoenix are a Horde PvE guild on the Hellscream EU server.

Our primary purpose as a guild is to provide our members with a fun, friendly and enjoyable social community, whilst also maintaining mature, professional raiding standards in our raiding groups.

The majority of our members are from the United Kingdom.

Recruitment: If you are interested in applying to join the guild, please view our Guild Rules page and our Wowwiki page. If the guild sounds like your cup of tea, whisper an officer in game expressing that you'd like to be invited for a trial week.

Ebon Phoenix do not restrict recruitment based on level or class, however an association with a current guild member is extremely desireable. Conversational English and a friendly, helpful attitude are required. When whispering an officer to request a trial, please avoid short and uninteresting sentences as it's an indication that the applicant is short and uninteresting.

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