The Phoenix Code: Ebon Phoenix Guild Manifesto

Version 4.0 (05/10/11)


To join Ebon Phoenix, familiarise yourself with this page to ensure this guild is right for you. And please read our Wowpedia page at

To join the guild, a recruit must request an invitation from an officer of the guild expressing their desire to join and in doing so displaying a suitable understanding of English. The officer may then invite that player for a trial week.

During this trial week, the applicant is set to Recruit rank. The applicant is expected to be on best behaviour and demonstrates whether their personality and conduct are suitable for our guild environment.

After one week, collective positive or negative feedback from members will be taken into account and consensus among online officers will determine if the applicant is to be promoted and join the guild in full. If the applicant's behaviour has not been acceptable, their personality does not gel with the guild's ethos, or negative feedback has been received then the recruit is dismissed from the guild.

Rank Structure:

Peons (Recruits):

After invitation, new members will spent the first week of their membership in Ebon Phoenix as Peons.

Peons should refrain from signing for “progress” status raids during their initiation period. Peons may also be asked to attend a non-farm raid as a reservist in the event that the raid leader(s) require their assistance (and no other alternative is available), however, such decisions are left to the raid leader(s) discretion.

If a Peon is inactive for 10 days regardless of their conduct within the guild, we will assume they're no longer interested and remove them. If they then wish to reapply to us, that's fine, but the same rules will apply - the trial period will begin again.

Grunts (Mains)/Scouts (Alts):

Our members’ primary characters will be designated as Grunt. All secondary characters, if a member has any within the guild, will be given the rank of Scout. There is no limitation on the number of Scouts a member may have within the guild.

A member may ask an Officer for their main to be demoted, and an alt of their choice to be promoted to Grunt rank, at any time. However, Officers may decline this request in the event that they believe a member has been changing their main excessively in order to manipulate our systems regarding loot/raid slots.

Grunt and Scout ranks exist primarily for administrative purposes, and in order to facilitate certain raiding policies.

Blood Guard (Officer):

Officers are individuals chosen by the Guild Leader to undertake responsibilities on behalf of the guild, and to act as mediators/advisors where necessary.

Their duties include, but are not limited to; the distribution of guild bank contents, invitation of new members/characters, update of the guild welcome message, and providing members with information/advice. Officers also perform a diplomatic role whenever concerns are raised or complaints are made.

Please remember that despite their additional responsibilities within the guild, our Officers do not hold any significant authority or superiority over that of the other members. We value the contributions of all our members equally.

Guild Leaders:

The Guild Leaders serve as the operational head of Ebon Phoenix.

In addition to performing the same administrative duties carried out by other officers, the Guild Leaders have the unique ability to assign officers as and when it is required. This is to ensure that the guild maintains a balanced group of active officers. The Guild Leaders are also responsible for deciding whether or not to invite new members, based on feedback received from members during the application process.

When the guild debates important topics and matters of policy, the Guild Leaders determine the best course of action based on the perspectives put forward by members during the course of our discussion(s).

General Code of Conduct:

Members are expected to be polite, helpful and respectful towards other players, both inside and outside the guild community. Abusive language, excessive swearing are not tolerated under any circumstances. Members are encouraged to report any incidents of bullying or otherwise abusive behavior to one of the officers so that the issue may be investigated.

We ask that members keep their use of swearing to a minimum, especially during the daytime hours.

If a member’s main character has been offline for more than three months, they may be subject to removal from the guild. Exceptions to this rule may be made where appropriate.


Ebon Phoenix’s guild forum is located here.

All members should ensure that they have a forum account, so that they may participate in guild discussions. Bear in mind that the majority of raid signs will be on the calendar, but the forum may be used if needed. If you don't have a forum account you may miss vital information that the Management wish to pass on.

We also have a facebook group at


In order to sign for a raid, a member must sign the ingame calendar for the raid they wish to attend.

Raid sign-ups operate on a first-come, first-served basis, as a general rule. In some circumstances, the raid leader may override the first-come.

Raidleaders will specify a raid start time. It is customary that you are online and ready for invites a good 15-30mins before hand to facilitate replacments/summoning etc. If you are late you may well be replaced. If you are unable to be online during the invite time, please try to inform the raid leader if at all possible (or get somebody else to pass on a message for you).

We ask also that raidleaders specify an end time for the raid. If you sign for a raid and attend, you will be expected to stay until the end, unless you speak to the raidleader beforehand and he/she is happy with your request.

Deadly Boss Mods is an ingame addon that will help you learn and participate on the fights. It is highly recommended that you install this. Many raidleaders may insist upon it, especially if you are attending a progress raid.

Please ensure that you read the tactics involved in the raids you are attending, especially if this is your first visit. Site such as WoWWiki, WoWpedia and WoWhead will aid you in this. Other sites such as Youtube may have videos of the encounters you will face, enabling you to see what goes on before attempting it yourself.

Only Ebon Phoenix guild members are permitted to attend an Ebon Phoenix hosted raid. Raid slots will only be granted to non-members under explicit, prior agreement by guild members. Please do not allow non-guild members to use our private Team Speak server.


Raid Status:

Ebon Phoenix considers new and difficult content to be “progress” raid content. Once the content is suitably mastered, it is downgraded to “farm”. Main characters are given priority on the progress content. The raid leader is permitted to bring sufficiently geared alts if he/she determines they are needed for the raid to happen. This is solely up to the raid leader and badgering them to bring your alt will not be looked upon favourably.

Progress raids -will- by their very nature have a challenging aspect. With this in mind, we do ask that all would-be progress raiders ensure that they are fully gemmed/enchanted/reforged, bringing along their own buff food/flasks/potions etc. Don't be afraid if you can't make what you need yourselves, we have many competent cooks/brewmasters in the guild and we're all happy to fix your mats into something more beneficial! Use the guild roster/professions section to find someone who can make what you need.


Loot Rules:

During raids, the raid leaders will normally utilize a combination of Group Loot (trash) and Master Looter (boss) systems. /Rolling will be used on most drops. All members, both Mains and Alts, have equal rights to loot.

If more than one of the same item drops – for example, two sets of tier tokens for the same class group – then the players with the highest and second highest (and so on) rolls will win the item.

In the event that a raider was locked out of a boss encounter accidentally (for example, by disconnecting from the Internet), then the raider’s right to roll on loot is ultimately decided at the raid leader’s discretion. Situations like this are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

The raid leader will usually determine, for each item, which members of the group are eligible to roll (in each priority bracket), but please do not hesitate to speak up if you feel that you may have been overlooked by accident. Mistakes can and inevitably do happen.

Our loot priority system is as follows:

- Main rolling rights are given to individuals to who the item is of use for their main spec; the item is of the highest armor class available to them, or is the most appropriate weapon type/speed for them. Examples include cloth armor for Mages, Priests and Warlocks; slow fist weapons/axes/maces for Enhancement Shamans.

- Secondary rolling rights are given, in the event that nobody from the main priority bracket wants the item, to individuals to whom the item is of use for a secondary spec and/or off-gear. Examples include healing cloth for a Shadow Priest, melee mail for an Elemental Shaman.

- If the item is of no use for its stats, at theis point rolls are permitted for transmogrification.

- If nobody within the group wants an epic BoE item for their main spec, the item will be placed in the guild bank for somebody to request at a later date.

- If nobody within the group wants a BoP item, it will be offered to any Enchanters in the group for disenchanting. We ask that Enchanters please place any disenchanted materials from BoP items in the guild bank after the raid has ended.

- If there are no disenchanters, and nobody within the group wants a BoP item, the raid leader is free to offer the item to a ‘vendor-trash’ roll.

- Please note that a character’s secondary spec (if they have dual-talent spec) does not entitle them to a higher degree of loot priority on off-gear. When a raid leader offers an item for “offgear” or “offspec” rolls, this basically means anything other than your main talent spec.

- In the event that a rare mount drops, all members of the group are entitled to roll if they would like it. They’re such an extremely rare occurrence that we feel it would be unfair to restrict any members of the group from having a chance to win the mount.


As a member of Ebon Phoenix, you are expected to conduct yourself fairly and politely when interacting with other members. Arguments over loot are not permitted - this is completely against the ethos of the guild. Any guild member found to be behaving in this manner will be dealt with harshly as a 'lootwhore' attitude is very unwelcome.

Raid Leading:

All members are more than welcome to try their hand at raid leading for Ebon Phoenix. All we ask is that raid leaders have a decent understanding of the guild’s raiding-related policies, and a working microphone.

When organizing a raid, please post a sign-up on the calendar and notify an officer so that we can broadcast it in the Guild Message for you. You are also welcome to post details of it on our forums and our Facebook page if you want to 'get the word out'.

Raid leaders are asked to respect the first-come, first-serve system of allocating raid slots whenever possible; though please see the “Raid Status” section for detailed information regarding the first-come, first-served system (and how it relates to the content you wish to host), as well as whether or not you should permit alts (and new recruits) to sign for your raid.