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re: Information about us and how to apply

About Us:
Ebon Phoenix are a Horde guild on the European Hellscream server.

The guild was launched on 21st June, 2009, and was initially founded by former members of another social guild on the server, Paradox.

Our primary purpose as a guild is to provide our members with a fun, friendly and enjoyable social community, whilst also maintaining professional raiding standards in our raiding groups. We are a motley crew full of friendly and mature players from all walks of life, who enjoy the many aspects of World of Warcraft at our own pace

Our members enjoy getting involved in everything from progressive raiding to gaining achievements, participating in PvP battlegrounds, hunting down rare pets, and revisiting “oldschool” raids and dungeons.

For raiders, we offer a casual raiding system based on the availability of our raiders/raid leaders and resources, rather than a rigid, progression-focused schedule. On average, we run a couple of 10-man runs each week. We take our raiding seriously, and expect our raiders to behave professionally, prepare their gear/consumables beforehand and ensure that they contribute 100%; however, our ultimate goal during raids is to have fun, not to treat the game like a second job. Raiders are free to come along as often or as infrequently as their own personal schedules permit.

For those of you who prefer to spend their time killing Alliance, we are home to a quite a few fans of PvP. Arena teams can be formed and found within our ranks, although PvP is admittedly not one of our major guild focuses. But you can be sure to find an interest in PvP amongst our many members, whether it is casual battleground groups you fancy, or trying your hand at higher-tier Arena.

How to Apply:

To join Ebon Phoenix, familiarise yourself with our Rules Page in the banner at the top of the screen, to ensure this guild is right for you. And please read our Wowwiki page at:

To join the guild, a recruit must request an invitation from an officer of the guild expressing their desire to join and in doing so displaying a suitable understanding of English. The officer may then invite that player for a trial week.

During this trial week, the applicant is set to Recruit rank. The applicant is expected to be on best behaviour and demonstrates whether their personality and conduct are suitable for our guild environment.

Best of luck should you decide to apply to join us.

Sarris, Guild Leader

Guild Leader of Ebon Phoenix
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